Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall Second Key Visual Released

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall 2nd key visual

The second key visual for the upcoming Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall anime series appeared on the project’s official Twitter page. The new image shows Dead Master, the protagonist’s rival. A third key visual is scheduled to be released next month prior to the show’s release in Spring 2022.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall 2nd key visual

In October 2021, the show’s first key visual featuring the protagonist Black Rock Shooter (Empress) was released. The series will be directed by Tensho, previously known for his work on the Azur Lane and Grisaia anime series. Makoto Fukami and Ryo Yoshigami (Psycho-Pass) are in charge of the script. Bibury Animation Studios and Bibury Animation CG are collaborating on the project. The original creator of the character huke is providing character designs.

In October 2021, Disney+ also announced a plan to add an increasing number of popular anime series to the streaming platform. Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall is one such series to be available exclusively through the service, along with Tatami Time Machine Blues, Summer Time Rendering, and the upcoming Twisted Wonderland adaptation.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall will premiere in Spring 2022 exclusively on Disney+. The 8-episode 2012 Black Rock Shooter anime series was recently released on Blu-ray by Discotek Media including a new English dub and behind-the-scenes footage.

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