Black Rose Valkyrie Will Have You Deal With Its Post-Pandemic “Chimeras”

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Compile Heart recently announced Black Rose Valkryie for PS4, a game with five main heroines and a keyword of “traitor” as part of premise. The official website shares a look at a new trailer and details on the setting.

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The above is a look at the game’s character movie trailer.



It is the year 1929, and a mysterious phenomenon that turned a large number of people into “Chimeras” suddenly occurred. This was caused by an unknown virus that originated from a meteor called “Black Garnet” that dropped down in the past.


This virus, called the “Chimera Virus,” brought upon a pandemic on a global scale, which caused the human race to lose 3% of its total population.


Now in a state of emergency, as a measure to further prevent the virus from entering the country from the outside, Japan took on a “national isolation” policy, and formed the “Secret Military Service ACID” as a way to intercept any remaining Chimera in the country.


Time has passed, and the in order to destroy the Chimera threatening its people, Secret Military Service ACID founded the Special Forces Valkyrie.


Chimera Virus:

The “Chimera” are humans and animals that got their gene structures changed and turned into monsters due to the unknown virus called the “Chimera Virus.”  Those infected by the Chimera Virus acquire transcended knowledge and power, but their mind and bodies also get eaten by the virus, and eventually transform into Chimera.


The Chimera assault humans and infect them with the virus through wounds. This is how they continuously give birth to new Chimeras. Those with a chance of becoming a Chimera after being infected are called the “Chimera Reserves.”



Valkyrie is the code name of the anti-Chimera weapon “T C S.” Since only those that were selected by the system can handle the weapon, they were also given the code name “Valkyrie.”


Normal people can’t handle the T C S weapon, as it’s simply just a lump of steel to them, but an authentication device and medication from the Valkyrie makes it possible for them to handle it as a weapon by enhancing their bodies. However, the medicine has powerful side effects, so anyone not chosen by the system would have their mind and bodies destroyed, causing a dissociation or splitting of personality.


Black Rose Valkyrie is in development for PlayStation 4 and will release in Japan in 2016.

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