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Black & White Bushido Is A Stealth Arena Brawler Of Hiding In Darkness And Light



Black & White Bushido is an arena brawler with an element of stealth, having players hide in either the shadows or bright light, striking out against the opposing team whenever they show themselves.

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Black & White Bushido splits its arenas into black and white. A player on the shadow team is very difficult to see when in the black parts, but stands out when stepping out onto the white paths. The opposite is true of the light team, allowing both sides to slip into whatever color hides them best, finding moments to strike at their three opponents or the other team.


The four player battle game can be played in single player against bots, or in off or online modes for team deathmatch or capture the flag battles. Beyond the swords they carry to fight through these matches, each player can also pick up useful items that can change the flow of battle in their favor as well.




Black & White Bushido has recently released on PS4 and Xbox One, and owners of the previously-released PC version have received the online multiplayer mode as a free update.

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