A black Wii will be releasing in Japan on August 1. Along with it, you’ll also be able to buy a black Wii remote for ¥3,800 ($38) and nunchuk for ¥1,800 ($18). The Classic Controller Pro will also be on sale for ¥2,000 ($20) in both black and white. Wii Motion Plus, which goes on sale with and without Wii Sports Resort on July 25 will retail for ¥1,500 ($15).


Want to know what else releases on August 1 in Japan? Monster Hunter Tri. And if you’ve been wondering why there isn’t some sort of special Monster Hunter game + console bundle, it’s been officially announced now.


The Monster Hunter Tri Special Pack will go on sale August 1 for ¥33,000 ($330). It will contain the game, a black Wii and the black Classic Controller Pro. Alternatively, you could just buy the game + Classic Controller Pro bundle for ¥8,490 ($85).


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