Blade & Soul Attracts Over A Million Players In Its First Week



NCSoft West has announced that the western version of Blade & Soul has reached over one million players during its first week since launching on January 19th.


There were so many players, in fact, that new servers had to be opened up almost immediately after launch to give more people a chance to play – not that exceeding player capacity and subsequently long queue times is anything too unusual for an MMORPG’s launch.


With this announcement, Dr. Songyee Yoon, the CEO of NCSoft West said: “It is thrilling that so many people are excited about the arrival of Blade & Soul in the West, and we will continue to work tirelessly to make sure our amazing players have a great time in this epic game.”


Yoon refers there to NCSoft West’s plan to add regular content updates and patches that it hopes will enhance the game over the coming months. Though, at the moment, the company is keeping quiet as to what that may be.

Chris Priestman