Blade & Soul Mobile Game Enters Closed Beta Testing In China On August 18th


NCSoft and Tencent Games will be launching the closed beta for a new mobile game set in the Blade & Soul universe in China on August 17th (thanks MMOSite). It’s a QTE card-based game that will contain some familiar items and faces from the MMORPG.


If you have a Blade & Soul character that has reached level 45 then you can apply to be a beta tester for the mobile game here. If you don’t have a character that has reached that level then you can still apply, but have to do so here, filling out the survey.


Do note that the beta is only available on Android and, if you do participate, then you’ll be rewarded with summer fashion for your Blade & Soul character. You can check out the official website of this Blade & Soul mobile game here. It’s expected to fully launch in China later this year.

Chris Priestman