Blade & Soul’s Unchained Content Update Is Live

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Nayru Labyrinth, Mushin’s Tower Floor 8, and the Warlock class have all arrived with the Unchained content update for Blade & Soul.


Naryu Labyrinth - Minou


Nayru Labyrinth is an Epic-difficulty, max-level 3 floor dungeon for 4 and 6 player groups. In it, players will have to fight a specific unique encounter which will unlock a random door to the next room, slowly opening every door until they reach the floor’s boss.


The bosses drop specific gear, but players will also accrue Nayru Labyrinth Relic Pieces that can be turned in to Exchanger Junsu for a chest containing various items, which can include a Black Sun Costume. Players can also acquire costumes of Fujin and Raijin, the dungeon’s main bosses, from the bosses themselves.




The 8th floor of Mushin’s Tower is also unlocked, letting players tangle with the 3 embodiments of Mushin himself. each form must be beaten on a strict time limit, but he can drop Fury weapon skins and Mushin’s Soul Shield ( a new Soul Shield set). This is not the final floor of the tower, as more floors will come in later updates.


Naryu Labyrinth - Mushin 1


The Warlock is another ranged class, offering high offense with very low defense. It has high cast times for its potent abilities, which means players will have to carefully time their attacks or incapacitate their enemies. The Warlock can also summon a Thrall to keep his opponents occupied during casting.


Warlocks provide great party bonuses, being able to trigger Soulburn, which resets the cooldown of all of the party’s abilities and puts them in an Awakened state, which grants a power boost to certain abilities.


The entire list of patch notes, as well as overviews for the new dungeons and character class, are available from Blade & Soul’s site.

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