Blade Symphony Gets Chaotic Team-Based Mode, Goes Free For The Weekend



Developer Puny Human has updated its multiplayer tactical sword-fighting game Blade Symphony with a new team-based mode, and character attachments.


First off, then, the significance of this new game mode, called Control Points, is that it is the first team-based mode, whereas before the modes have been restricted to 1v1 and 2v2 duals. So expect a little more chaos.


As you might be able to tell from the mode’s title, it’s all about controlling points around the map to gain the most number of tickets. There are three maps designated for Control Points: Terrace, Sequence, and Docks – these range from vertiginous structure, to controlling tight choke points.


The second part of this update are the new character attachments. They are cosmetic attachments that every character now has so and they are all integrated with Steam Workshop, meaning you can create your own skins, armors, masks, and whatever else takes your fancy.


Puny Human has also put together a game balance github so that the community can make requests in regard to game balancing with ease. You can see the full change log here, which has come about due to community discussion with the developers.


The last thing is that, to celebrate this update, Puny Human is holding a free weekend for Blade Symphony on Steam, from October 19th to October 19th. It also has a 75% discount, so if you do enjoy it over the weekend, then you can purchase it for cheap.

Chris Priestman
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