Blasphemous Is A Bloody Sidescroller Built Around A Horrifying Religion

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The High Pontiff has turned into a tree, burning for ninety days and ninety nights. The remaining faithful try to ascend his scorched ashes when the fire finally fades to take his holy throne, only to emerge as bloodthirsty creatures that still cling to their twisted faith in Blasphemous, a sidescrolling hack n’ slash game built upon a story of a horrifying religion.


Players control the Penitent One, a warrior with a tall hat and a long sword that means to carve their way through the twisted creatures the religion has birthed. Players will choose the Penitent One’s path through the world, as the levels are open for them to choose whichever route they feel they can survive. Luckily, they can bolster themselves with power-boosting Rosary Beads and artifacts that increase abilities.

Players will need as much help as they can to avoid a bloody end. Blasphemous’s enemies mean to leave little left of this heretical hero, with bosses pulling the Penitent One to pieces should he fail, or mashing them into bloody pulps. The player can do the same to their enemies through their own fast sword strikes and combos, but many more deadly ends await them at the hands of unholy children.


As players roam the countryside, more of the game’s story of twisted religion will reveal itself, with background imagery and other aspects hinting at the narrative and true nature of the creatures’ worship. They can also learn hints about the religion by observing the creatures they face, many of which are created through perverted visions or religious figures and iconography.

Blasphemous, which is being developed by the studio that brought players horror adventure game The Last Door, is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for a release in Q1 2019.

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