Blast That Big Mech In This Preview Trailer For Project Nimbus

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Project Nimbus brings us a new update as the game continues to get made, this time a full 13-minute length video that shows off one of the game’s missions. The second half is what fans of robot-on-robot action are looking for, with players going head-on against a suitably impressive (and huge) boss mech.


While the dialogue’s in Thai, the game interface is in clear English and there are English subtitles to get by with too. Not that you really need subtitles when it’s all about the pew pew.


For those just joining us, Project Nimbus is that spiffy, extremely cool real-robot mecha game being made by a group of Thai developers with an eye for detail. Even before their Kickstarter, they’d already shown off a solid number of proof-of-concept videos in their work that promised fast action in a fully 3D world where mankind lives in the skies.


And then, they made things better by adding beam sabers. So you can fly around in high speed and then go zwung zwung through a foe’s armor. Oh yeah!


Project Nimbus will be out on PC and Mac.

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