Blast Demons Back To The Underworld In Shmup HellStar Squadron


Demonic forces have risen up from hell in a rebellion against galactic peace, and only three pilots can handle the danger they represent in shmup HellStar Squadron.


Eight stages of colorful planets and demonic hellscapes await players of HellStar Squardon. Each is filled with monstrous ships, powerful bosses, and waves of shots for players to weave around. Luckily, players can use three different pilots, each with a different array of guns to fire back with, each having their own bullet spreads and special weapons that will suit various play styles.

HellStar Squadron features a CRT overlay for players who wish for a more classic look for their shmup play, as well as a TATE mode.


HellStar Squadron is available now on Steam and

Alistair Wong
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