Blast Through Enemies, Objects, & Walls In Dieselpunk Twin-Stick Shooter Tower 57


Players will leave a trail of wreckage throughout their journey through dieselpunk twin-stick shooter Tower 57, as nearly every object in the game can be smashed or broken into pieces, creating additional mayhem while blasting foes.


Tower 57 takes players to a dystopian world where the last vestiges of civilization lie in Megatowers. A group of six characters, each with their own weapons and skills, have come to the elusive Tower 57 to explore it, and players will have their work cut out for them guiding them through the gauntlets of enemies on the way to the top. Also, they’ll have limited lives and respawns available to ascend it, and the challenge can increase dramatically at surprising times.

Players can find a bit of an edge in a few ways. Players can upgrade the weapons and gadgets of their chosen character over the course of play, and they can also replace limbs with more powerful versions that grant buffs and bonuses. Players can also bring in a co-op partner in online/local play, which doubles the gunfire and also allows for certain weapon combinations that work well together.


As players put their partnership to work, they’ll find themselves leaving a trail of devastation. Most objects in the game can be damaged in some way, leaving debris, shell casings, and bloody footprints behind wherever the player has fought. This may help the player notice places they haven’t yet explored as well, as if a location is still pristine, the player likely hasn’t been there yet. Since there are many secrets hidden in the tower (which has been created by hand with no procedural generation), knowing where players haven’t been will help them find new treasures.

Tower 57 is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!