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Blaster Master Zero Launching In North America And Europe On March 9, 2017



Blaster Master Zero will be coming to all regions as a Switch launch window game. Both the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions of the game will come to North America and Europe on March 9, 2017. The Nintendo Switch iteration will have co-operative two-player multiplayer in the TV and Tabletop Modes, as well as HD Rumble compatibility.


The Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions of Blaster Master Zero stars Jason Frudnick, a young man who finds a strange creature, named Fred, and takes it to his lab to keep an eye on him. After an accident, Fred jumps into a strange hole and leads Jason to SOPHIA III, a battle vehicle. It’s up to players to pursue and find Fred.


Here are the official character profiles for the cast of Blaster Master Zero.


Blaster Master Zero - Jason

Jason Frudnick


"If these mutants are aiming to destroy the Earth, then I can’t just walk away now."
Jason is a young man who is a genius in the field of robotic engineering. He also has a natural aptitude for piloting the impressive robots he creates, which has lead him to win numerous contests and awards in his field. On the surface, he’s a pretty cool and collected guy, but his child-like curiosity about the world around him often produces another side of him that dives headfirst into learning about whatever new thing is fascinating him at that moment. He recently stumbled upon a very unusual creature, named the strange creature Fred, and began observing and studying the creature.
One day, Fred managed to escape after an accident occurred in Jason’s research facility. While chasing after Fred, he somehow found his way into a cave deep underground where he discovered SOPHIA III. Unable to contain his curiosity, he hopped aboard SOPHIA III and set off on his adventure deep below the Earth’s surface in search of Fred.


Blaster Master Zero - Jason (Action Pose)

Blaster Rifle


This weapon acts as the key to SOPHIA III itself. When Jason is exploring outside on his own, he uses the Blaster Rifle to fire energy projectiles at his enemies. By raising the rifle’s Gun Level, the Blaster Rifle can fire different types of projectiles that can be changed at any time.


Blaster Master Zero - Eve



"It’s so strange though, I feel like I remember that sensation…"

Eve is a girl who Jason met while searching for Fred deep underground. She has lost most of memory other than remembering her own name, but for some reason, she seems quite familiar with SOPHIA III to the point where she can perform maintenance on it. With her cheerful and lively personality, she puts a lot of trust in Jason, who rescued her from a dangerous situation, and aides him in his search for Fred.


Blaster Master Zero - Fred



"*ribbit ribbit*"

Fred is a mysterious creature that Jason stumbled upon one day. No official records of this creature existed, so with the theory that the creature could have come from the period that pre-dates the ice age, Jason hopes to use Fred as a means to learn more about an ecosystem from a bygone era. After escaping from Jason into the underground world, Fred’s whereabouts are currently unknown.


Blaster Master Zero - SOPHIA III


SOPHIA III is a battle vehicle that Jason found hidden deep underground. This vehicle was created with technological capabilities that far surpass any technology available on Earth. Everything from the materials used to make it to the kind of energy it uses to operate are a mystery. The bigger mystery is the reason why it was created and how it ended up in the Earth’s subterranean depths. It normally functions as a self-operating vehicle that automatically blocks any attempts to manually take control of it from within the cockpit. However, there is a special pilot suit and a Blaster Rifle, which functions as a key to SOPHIA III, that can be used to override the block and enable manual control. SOPHIA III has a rather large arsenal of weapons it can use, however, most of those weapon functions have been lost, and in its current state can only use its most basic weapons. It’s official name is "SOPHIA III NORA MA-01."


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Blaster Master Zero will be $9.99/€9.99/£8.99 when it arrives in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

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