imageYes, really “BlayzeBloo.” Aksys is localizing the cutesy wootsy BlazBlue: Battle x Battle game under that name.


Arc System Works created a DSiWare BlazBlue game with super deformed characters, the same “cartoony” characters used for their NicoNico videocast. The four player, Power Stone-like fighting game came out in Japan in January.


Seems like it’s coming to North America soon since we have a localized name and an ESRB rating. Here’s what the rating board said about the title.


This is an arena-fighter game in which players control small, stubby fighters that compete in fighting matches: last-man standing, hitting opponents to collect soba noodles, and capture-the-flag. The "cartoony" characters mostly punch and kick each other in the arena; characters stagger back and cry out in pain when hit.

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