BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Character Popularity Poll – Midterm Rankings

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Arc System Works started a character popularity poll back in November as part of the BlazBlue series’ 10th anniversary this year. Here are the midterm rankings’ top-10 most popular characters.


Here are the top-10 from 58,550 votes as of January 11:


  1. Ragna the Bloodedge – 5,029 votes
  2. Hazama – 3,752 votes
  3. Yuuki Terumi – 3,328 votes
  4. Jin Kisaragi – 3,268 votes
  5. Hibiki Kohaku – 3,202 votes
  6. Mai Natsume – 2,553 votes
  7. Noel Vermillion – 2,443 votes
  8. Celica A. Mercury – 2,284 votes
  9. Nu-13 – 2,027 votes
  10. Es – 1,943 votes

If you haven’t done it yet, you can also throw in your votes for the BlazBlue 10th anniversary character popularity poll here. On the page, simply click on the blue 投票 (Vote) button under your character of choice, followed by a confirmation. You can vote once per day.


The poll will be available until January 31 and the results will be announced sometime in early March.


BlazBlue’s first title was BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger which first released for arcades in Japan back in November 2008.

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