BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Will Debut in February

BlazBlue Alternative Darkwar

Arc System Works announced that BlazBlue Alternative Dark War will release sometime in February 2021 in Japan. The upcoming mobile game will be something of a sequel to the BlazBlue series. The scenario will primarily take place during the “Dark War,” with the script being supervised by series creator Toshimichi Mori. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Pre-registration for BlazBlue Alternative Dark War is open. Pre-registration rewards include an S-Class Noel Vermillion (School Uniform). If pre-registrations for the mobile game reach over 10 million users, character advancement and upgrade items will be sent to all players.

A new trailer was shared alongside Arc System Works’ release window announcement. You can take a look at this new video below.

Consumers can currently pre-register by following the official Twitter account and by following the official LINE account through the SNS app. The official Twitter account also disclosed other pre-registration rewards, which include in-game currency that will be distributed if certain objectives are met.

This BlazBlue mobile game was announced in 2017 and originally scheduled to launch in Japan in 2018. However, the game was delayed.

BlazBlue Alternative Dark War will debut on Android and iOS devices for Japanese audiences in February 2021. There is currently no word regarding an English localization and worldwide release.

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