BlazBlue: Central Fiction Video Details Its New Arcade Mode And Other Features



BlazBlue: Central Fiction’s arcade mode will feature three times the story volume of Chrono Phantasma once all the updates are up, and Famitsu recently put together a video to show us what’s new along with some notes on other new features in the upcoming arcade game.


  • The character illustrations are newly done by Yuki Kato.


  • Hibiki and Naoto appear as new characters in Central Fiction.


  • You start out by selecting one of the 30 characters, followed by the colors and control type. Next you’ll pick from the different modes of Arcade, Score Attack, and Sparring.


  • Arcade mode episodes and the other modes will get unlocked through updates.


  • All the event scene voices have been newly done, including some new sound effects.


  • The game adds a new “Overdrive” and “Exceed Accel” feature to its gameplay. You can read more about it in detail in our earlier report.


  • Each character will have additional new and unique moves added to their movesets.


  • There are special novel game-like interactions between certain characters before and after fights, as shown with Ragna and Iron Tager in the video.


BlazBlue: Central Fiction will launch in Japanese arcades on November 19, 2015.

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