BlazBlue: Central Fiction Video Shows Off Hibiki Kohaku’s Combos



Hibiki Kohaku previously appeared in the scenarios of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma and he’ll be a playable character for Central Fiction. Famitsu recently put together a video showing off some of the newcomer’s basic combos.


To get a better understanding of Hibiki’s playstyle, he uses his Drive called “Double Chase,” which allows him to make a duplicate of himself and teleport to its current position. His “Schwarz Reis” Overdrive accelerates the Drive. As shown in the video, he takes advantage of his acrobatic movements to pull off a variety of moves.


BlazBlue: Central Fiction will launch in Japanese arcades on November 19, 2015. Konoe A. Mercury, or Nine, was also recently revealed as a playable character for the upcoming fighter by Arc System Works.

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