BlazBlue’s Rachel Alucard Enters Online Game Chaos Heroes Online



Chaos Heroes Online is the multiplayer online battle arena that keeps on giving. The latest crossover addition to the Japanese version is Rachel Alucard, from Arc System Work’s BlazBlue series. The aristocratic vampire looks downright unfair to play for great micro players, as she’s able to lock areas of the battlefield off with various skills that deal damage to foes who enter into range.


More impressive than her area-lockdown skills, however, is her ability to simply fly away on the back of cat Nago. Even airborne, she’s still able to land spells and possibly even mitigate damage if timed correctly. If you’re a MOBA fan, this is a very interesting style of play that perfectly complements micro-management gameplay and can, when used correctly, be the gift that keeps on giving when timed correctly as a surprise attack or to help push towers down during the course of a match.



Chaos Heroes Online with Rachel is available in Japan on PC. There’s an Asian version available here as well that has some of the crossover characters already.