Blazing Chrome To Bring Its Contra-Like Run N’ Gunning This Year


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Blazing Chrome is set to release this year, and is celebrating that fact with a new trailer filled with hover bikes, exploding aliens, and various weapons firing off.


Blazing Chrome is happy to show off its Contra inspirations and arcade design in this new trailer, featuring heroes Mavra and Doyle rushing through ruined factories blasting sickening spiders, rushing through city streets on hoverbikes as they take out hostile machines, or swap between an array of weaponry to get the job done against punishing bosses.

Blazing Chrome tells a story of a world controlled by robots that work to keep humanity down. Only when Doyle, a machine with a conscience and Mavra, a human resistance soldier, team up will humanity have a chance at finally getting out from under the machines’ control.


Players who wish to know more about Blazing Chrome before its release this year can head to the game’s site.

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