Bleach: Brave Souls Will Get Ten Years Later Versions of Ichigo and Rukia

bleach brave souls ten-year-later ichigo

KLab will kick off 2021 in Bleach: Brave Souls by looking to the future. That is, the future versions of both Ichigo and Rukia. A Thousand-Year Blood War Campaign 2021 event will begin on December 31, 2020. People will have a chance to summon the 10 Years Later Ichigo and Rukia five-star units, earn a special accessory, get login bonuses, and pick a free 2021 New Year six-star summon unit.

Everything starts on New Year’s Eve. The New year Special Login Bonus Part 1 event will begin and dole out rewards, people can start the Thousand-Year Blood War Chapter 2 campaign, and you can get a Kon Accessory with a Souls Record Event Quest. The Souls Record Event Quest will only be active until January 16, 2021.

As for the two summons, they also each have different cut-off dates. Thousand-Year Blood War Step-up Summons: Inheritance will be available until January 12, 2021. That’s when you can try to get the 10 Years Later Ichigo and Rukia. Since that is a step-up banner, the sixth step will get you one of the 12 focus five-star units. (Both Ichigo and Rukia are among them.) With the New Year 2021 summon, you have until January 31, 2021 to choose 10 six-star units you might want. Then, when you summon, you will get one of those 10.

The official Twitter account for the game showed the in-game character models for both the Thousand-Year Blood War ten-year-later versions of Ichigo and Rukia. Ichigo used Getsugatensho in the clip, while Rukia performed Hakka no Togame.


As a reminder, we will see more of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc in 2021. The new Bleach anime adaptation will focus on bringing it to life.

bleach brave souls ten-year-later rukia

Bleach: Brave Souls is available on both Android and Apple iOS devices and PCs.

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