Bleach Anime Heroes Ichigo and Renji Figures Are a Good Start
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Bleach Ichigo and Renji Anime Heroes Are Good Starter Figures

You’ve probably noticed them when you walk around the electronics or toy sections at Target or Walmart: the Bandai Namco Anime Heroes figure line. These are more affordable and limited versions of iconic characters that cost far less than the SH Figuarts options. They may be a bit basic, but they’re more than functional. After looking at the Bleach Anime Heroes Ichigo and Renji figures, I’d even say they’re good initial options for a younger fan or someone who is interested in getting into collecting figures, but isn’t sure if they want to spend over $40 for one yet.
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To start, there’s an adequate range of movement for both Ichigo and Renji, considering they’re $20 figures and not more expensive figma. They have ankle, knee leg, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and neck joints, and they can pivot slightly at the waist. Each comes with one spare pair of hands. There is a surprising amount of detail with their hair spikes, and an attempt was made to recreate the tattoos on Renji’s forehead and neck. (I was really surprised one even appeared at the hairline.) Each character also comes with their Zanpakuto.

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The paint job also isn’t bad on either of the figures! There’s no definition around their mouths, which means their expressions get a bit lost. But both of their faces are well painted. Ichigo’s eyebrows are easy to see, which could have been difficult given the shade of orange used. And as I mentioned before, Renji’s tattoos are there. Their outfits are a bit simple, given that it’s based on their earlier appearances. But even then, I’ve seen a lot of action figures that can get sloppy even with basic outfits, so it’s nice to see the care here. There’s also pretty standard sizes, standing at about six inches tall. So they will be taller than a Good Smile Company figma, but about the exact same height as a finished Megami Device/Frame Arms Girl/Sousai Shojo Teien model kit character.

However, if you collecting a wide range of figures, especially higher end ones, you’ll notice some of the apparent issues with the Anime Heroes line and Bleach Ichigo and Renji ones especially. One of the points of articulation are the ankles, and the combination of the positioning and their hakama meant it was impossible for either of mine to stand without assistance. (Ichigo would always tip forward, while Renji would fall back.) There are no stands and it’s so fiddly that’d have preferred that joint be omitted completely. While the upper body build quality feels fine, albeit with stuff joints, the plastic used for the hakama feels far cheaper.

They’re also much more difficult to pose than more expensive figures, as you might expect. While articulated, their range of movement is limited. This is especially true at the elbows and knees. But the worst issue I found related to Ichigo’s Zangetsu. Because of the plastic ribbon at the end and the stiffness of the closed grip hands, it is near impossible to pry them open to so he can wield it. I had to basically thread it through both wrists, fake ribbon first, and slide it in. It was an ordeal. He’s holding it forever now. That’s just how it goes.

Bleach Anime Heroes Ichigo and Renji Figures Are a Good Start

Photo by Siliconera

Even so, The Bleach Anime Heroes Ichigo and Renji figures are good starter ones. Like if you aren’t sure if you’d want to pay the probably $80 for the SH Figuarts Thousand Year Blood War versions of them, these are fine to pick up and put on a shelf. They’d work well for displays, and you can still get some fun poses out of them.

The Bleach Anime Heroes figures of Ichigo and Renji are available at major retailers for $19.99.

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