Bleach: Paradise Lost Makes You A GPS Shinigami Tasked With Taking Out Nearby Hollows



Following the announcement of a new Bleach RPG on smartphone that uses GPS to track down local Hollows, we got a first look in this week’s issue of Jump magazine.


As shown in the magazine scan, the battles are in 3D and you can get a look at its battles as well as some special attacks that are being pulled off.


The game uses GPS to use the player’s location to help find nearby Hollows to take out. So it basically works like Pokémon GO, except you’re a Shinigami and you’ll go around defeating Hollows to protect your town.


In addition to a variety of characters from Gotei 13 and the Human World. Its story mode takes place between Karakura Town and Soul Society. The battles are turn-based, and you’ll have to put together your deck as well as character skills to make your party.


Bleach: Paradise Lost will release in 2017 for iOS and Android through LINE’s game portal.

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