imageAmazon has a gold box brimming with cheap video game goodies today. Prototype 2 is $29.99 (50% off) right now and Bleach: Soul Resurrección goes on sale at 2PM. The clue Amazon left matches with one of the bullet points on the Bleach: Soul Resurrección product page.


Before Bleach, a Mad Catz Arcade FightStick: Soul Edition will be a Lightning Deal for two hours. (The official page mentions the stick is for a "serious blade-fight enthusiast just like the clue.)


A World of Warcraft expansion will be discounted at 4PM and a limited edition RPG bundle Amazon calls a "true collector’s item for the PS3" is the 6PM deal. A collector’s item? Man, there are are dozens of PS3 collector’s editions for RPGs. Anyone want to take a guess?

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