Blood Of Calamity Is A Revenge Tale Set In An Ancient Japanese Land Where Humans And Yokai Co-Exist



Japanese mobile game publisher Kemco has released the English version of its latest RPG Blood of Calamity on Android. It costs $7.99 on Google Play but during its launch period is available at $3.99.


Taking you back to ancient Japan, Blood of Calamity is set in Hoshu Washin, which is a nation ruled by four clans and that is inhabited by humans and Yokai. It follows Kenshiro, the ruler-in-waiting of the Totsuki Clan, as he seeks revenge against the mysterious beings in Oni Masks that attacked his clan.


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As you pursue the Yokai wtih Kenshiro and his faithful friend Tatsuto, you’ll be able to make use of powerful moves called Clan Specials (charged with ESP) to overcome their superiority in the turn-based battles. You can also deploy Mandara, which are special panels that allow you to boost your stats and abilities – this can be key to winning some battles.


You’re also able to level up your characters’ stats to learn new abilities and earn special rewards for completing the quests that the various villagers and townspeople ask of you around Hoshu Washin.

Chris Priestman