Bloodborne Cainhurst Badge and Firing Hammer Badge are Now Available as Necklaces


TORCH TORCH, the brand behind a majority of Bloodborne and Dark Souls related merchandise, will be releasing two new necklaces inspired by the Cainhurst Knights and the Powder Kegs. Two necklaces have been created to replicate the badges of both of these factions, and while they will cost a pretty penny they are a must have for Bloodborne fans. The Cainhurst Badge will cost ¥20,000 or $188 and is scheduled to release in November 2020. Whereas the Firing Hammer Badge will cost ¥17,500 or $164 and is scheduled to release in December. [Thanks, HOBBY Watch!]

Each of these necklaces will be made out of silver. The Cainhurst Badge will have ornate brass detailing to truly encapsulate the look of the item in game. Additionally, this necklace has been finished in gold to further exemplify the aristocratic look of the Cainhurst Knights in Bloodborne. Each Cainhurst Badge has also been uniquely weathered, so every badge will look a bit different.

The Bloodborne Firing Hammer Badge is made out of 30% silver and 70% copper, but has undergone a specific kind of treatment to achieve this weathered look. The Firing Hammer Badge has also been hand weathered. You can take a look at the uniquely Bloodborne Firing Hammer Badge crafted badges below.

Bloodborne is immediately available for the PlayStation 4.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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