Bloodborne Executive Producer Masami Yamamoto Leaves SIE Japan

Masami Yamamoto SIE Japan

Masami Yamamoto announced his departure from from SIE Japan Studios through Twitter. Yamamoto is one of a handful of developers that have recently announced that they have parted ways with SIE Japan Studios. The developer previously hinted at his departure from the studio, but has now confirmed it himself through his Twitter account. [Thanks, Ryokutya837!]

However, in the tweet itself, Masami Yamamto confirms that he left prior to this announcement. Yamamoto says that he left SIE Japan Studios on February 28, 2021. The tweet goes on to talk about his experience with SIE Japan Studios and the twenty-five years he spent with the company. Yamamto served as executive producer on Bloodborne and previously worked on the Tenchu series.

Yamamoto is one of many developers that have since parted ways with SIE Japan and by extension, Sony. In February 2021, Bloodborne Producer Maasaki Yamagiwa announced that he would be leaving SIE Japan at the end of February. This announcement also came through Twitter.

Previously, Keiichiro Toyama, best known for creating the Silent Hill series, left SIE Japan to create his own studio. The studio itself is comprised of developers who worked alongside Toyama in the past. Additionally, it was revealed that this studio would be working on an entirely new horror game.

Bloodborne and the Bloodborne: Old Hunters DLC are immediately available on PlayStation 4.

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