BloodRayne Is Rising From the Dead

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Rayne is coming. BloodRayne has been acquired by a new owner, Ziggurat Interactive. The company revealed the acquisition on June 15, 2020 and, in that same fell swoop, confirmed that it has plans for both existing BloodRayne games and potential new ones.

First, Ziggurat committed to doing more with the existing entries in the series. It noted that it is getting in touch with people from Terminal Reality, the company that made BloodRayne and BloodRayne 2. (The third of the BloodRayne games was BloodRayne Betrayal, by WayForward for consoles and Abstraction on PCs.) The original PC games will get compatibility upgrades, though the press release also mentioned “various enhancements” too.

As for future BloodRayne games, the press release contained standard statements from high level staff at companies discussing the acquisition. In the one from Wade Rosen, the Ziggurat Interactive president, he said, “Players the world over fondly remember titles like BloodRayne and Advent Rising and having the opportunity to not only bring these games to a new audience but to expand their universes is something we take seriously.”

BloodRayne isn’t the only IP Ziggurat now owns. It also has rights to Advent Rising, Flip’s Twisted World, and Raze’s Hell. However, it didn’t commit to any new plans for those games.

BloodRayne Betrayal, the last entry in the series, appeared on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2011 and PC in 2014. Its fourth title, a 3DS game, was never released.

Jenni Lada
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