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Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Introduces Us To Its Bosses


cotm boss 16


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon will end each stage with a fight against a boss, and Inti Creates gave us the lowdown on the each of the bosses today. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


[Spoiler warning: For people who plan to figure out the attack patterns on their own, it may be better to stop reading here.]


Glutton Train:

cotm boss 1

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An enormous demon possessing a ghost train that leads the doomed towards the demon’s castle. The demon inside has long lost its self-awareness, and now exists only to fill its ever-empty stomach with coal.

When the excess energy in its bowels becomes too much to bear, it fires out of its “Volcano Cannon”. Is there anyone who can guide this demon cursed by its insatiable appetite to its final resting place…?


  • Volcano Hazard: An attack where it rains fire from above.
  • Crazy Slam: Glutton Train scoops up coal for fuel.
  • Quick Bazooka: A speedy flame shot that may catch players off guard.



cotm boss 4

cotm boss 5 cotm boss 6

A demon who can control water at will has made its home in an underground channel. In a waterway known as the source of all life, Focalor feeds upon everything it finds.

Focalor’s body is covered in a shell of water so densely packed, it cannot be pierced by steel blades. Even the Zangetsuto cannot make a dent in its armor! Your only hope is to force Focalor to use its desperate, final attack, “Death Finale”.


  • Mermaid Rondo: Focalor sends out high-pressure water orbs that explode when touched.
  • Hydro Waltz: Rapid-fire watery bullets.
  • Splash Elegy: Focalor skims across the water at high speeds. The splash it makes hurts you as well.



cotm boss 7

cotm boss 8 cotm boss 9

A demon who collects human greed, and manifests it as glittering treasure. Though it may appear to have a human form, it is merely a construct of coins.

The true demon Valefor is the entire vault itself. When it sustains enough damage, Valefor will lose the ability to command its coins, which will then rain down in its final attack, “El Dorado”.


  • Millionaire: Valefor tries to squash the player with a mountain of coins.
  • Gold Carpet: Valefor’s fists slam down and create shockwaves of cash.
  • Live Ingot: Souls of those who drowned in greed are trapped in the bodies of stone golems.



cotm boss 10

cotm boss 11 cotm boss 12

Nesting high in the castle tower, Valac is a grotesque demon said to bring disaster. Each head has its own role and attack power. One head spews poisoned offal, while the other uses its sharp fangs to finish off the weakened prey.

When they combine their scorching Pain Flame and Hell Flame, it becomes an eradicating blast capable of scorching the earth miles away.


  • Pain Flame & Hell Flame: Valac shoots flames from each head, one after another.
  • Pain Burst: Attacking these spheres will cause them to burst with entrails.
  • Hell Fang: One head opens wide, lunges, and bites.



cotm boss 13

cotm boss 14 cotm boss 15

Andrealphus is a peacock-shaped demon, dispatched by Gremory himself. It lies in wait to ambush Zangetsu and his allies on the mast of a ship headed for the castle. It attacks from the sky, capable of controlling, wind, rain, and lightning.

If pushed, Andrealphus will unleash all the electricity stored in its body with a final desperation attack, “Thunder Destruction”. Should you quell the storm, you will see the castle on the horizon.


  • Illusion Dart: Andrealphus fires its feathers into the ground to call down lightning.
  • Valhalla Kick: A fast approach into a lightning kick.
  • Tornado Storm: An unbelievable storm that kicks up in an instant. Find a safe foothold immediately!



cotm boss 16

cotm boss 17 cotm boss 18

Blood reigns over the torture room in the castle’s dungeon. In order to obtain eternal youthful beauty, Bloodless bathes in the blood she obtains through daily torture. Bloodless attacks as if she’s toying with you, all the while clad in a dress made of blood.

She is capable of a final attack, “Bloody Storm”, in which she uses her remaining blood to create an immense tornado. Steel yourself, and give this torture-loving demon something to smile about!


  • Bloody Rain: A cursed rain falls all around, snuffing out all life.
  • Splendor Needle: Bloodless summons sharp souls to pierce her enemies.
  • Tri-Parasol & Crimson Drop: Bloodless calls forth three parasols alongside bullets of boiling blood.



cotm boss 19

cotm boss 20 cotm boss 21

Holding watch over the mechanical library, Bathin has no interest in humans nor their written works. Bathin has only a wry grin for their foolishness. Capable of exceeding the speed of light and using its own body to attack, Bathin desires only to fight any challengers to its domain.

Bathin’s desperate “Grand Cross” attack can accelerate too much, causing it to collide with its future self.


  • Earth Prison & Trick Needle: Bathin creates a prison of electricity, and takes aim at its prey.
  • Velocity Break: Bathin exceeds the speed of light to make mince-meat of its enemies.
  • Tail Lightning: Bathin releases stored energy from its tail.


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon releases May 24, 2018 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS (except in Europe), and PC. The Xbox One version will release worldwide on June 6 and 3DS in Europe on May 31.

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