Blue Archive Anime Short Showcases Summer Shootout

Blue Archive Anime

Yostar and Nexon are celebrating 18 months in operation for the mobile RPG Blue Archive. To commemorate the “1.5 Year Anniversary” milestone, animation studio Yostar Pictures created a special Blue Archive anime short. The short stars a number of popular characters from the game’s roster having a swimsuit-clad firefight in the middle of a crowded shopping mall.

Check it out below. English subtitles are available via the closed captions.

The 9-minute Blue Archive anime short features no less than 23 playable students from the game’s roster. On the Japanese are about 81 playable chraracters (not including variants of existing ones). Serika, Nonomi, Hoshino, Shiroko, and Ayane from Abydos High School are seen shopping for a summer outing at the mall. They encounter Izuna, Mimori, Tsubaki, Chise, Shizuko, and Kaede of the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy, and try out some swimsuits. They also encounter students from Gehenna Academy’s Prefect Team (Hina, Ako, Chinatsu, and Iori) and Gourmet Research Society (Junko, Izumi, Haruna, and Akari). Even Trinity’s Make-Up Work Club (Azusa, Hifumi, Hanako, and Koharu) gets involved once the bullets start flying.

Like the game, the Blue Archive anime short takes place in Kivotos, a city divided into many massive school districts, each ruled by different academies. Each academy is attended by a population of superhuman students bearing halos and firearms. However, students need teachers, and the player character is recruited as Kivotos’ only “Sensei”. They are appointed head of Schale, the city’s newest club, at the behest of the missing President of Kivotos ruling General Student Council. With the President missing, Sensei must call on the assistance of Kivotos’ strongest students to tackle the problems and get to the bottom of the mysterious threat to the city.

Blue Archive is available on iOS and Android. Yostar Pictures is also developing an anime series adaptation of Arknights.

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