Blue Archive Global Launch Celebrated With Videos of Characters

Blue Archive Global Launch Celebrated With Videos of Characters

The Blue Archive global version is out now, and Nexon kicked things off with videos looking at characters from Abydos, Gehenna, and Millennium. It also announced an in-game currency reward to celebrate reaching number one on the App Store. In addition, it acknowledged an issue with people who are attempting to play it in German.

First, everyone gets 1,200 Pyroxene. This is doled out to people’s inboxes. People can then spend it in the gacha once they get it.

As for the language issue, people who choose German as their language in Blue Archive might have issues playing the global version. Nexon is aware of the issue. However, at the moment the only fix is to uninstall Blue Archive. You then have to change the official language for your phone or tablet to English from German. After that, you should be able to play.

Finally, there are the Blue Archive global trailers showcasing characters. First, the Abydos members video looks at Hoshino, Shiroko, and Nonomi. It looks at their official art, then shows them in battle.

The Gehenna trailer proceeds in a similar fashion. First, it highlights Haruna, Aru, and Hina. Then, we see how each one fights.

Finally, the last Blue Archive Millennium video looks at characters like Sumire, Yuuka, and Maki.

The global version Blue Archive is available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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