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Blue Protocol to Release First on PC, Cross-Play Being Considered

Blue Protocol cross-play

Bandai Namco announced new details for Blue Protocol, the new online action-RPG. The release window for PC and console, payment model for the game, along with unannounced content and other updates were some of the topics talked about in the latest of their special programs, broadcasted December 15, 2022. The PC version of Blue Protocol is set to release early Spring 2023 in Japan, and cross-play is under consideration. However, in Japan console versions won’t appear at launch. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will also be available in Japan, although the release date for these versions is yet to be determined. The PC version will be first to roll out during Spring 2023, following the Japan-only beta test in January 2023. Although Bandai Namco is still undecided about adding cross-play to Blue Protocol, the company said it showed an interest and desire in supporting it.

The game will be free-to-play, with micro transactions available. Because of this, there will be no physical versions available for purchase. Blue Protocol will be download only. The items sold as microtransactions will include items that enhance the player, ones shorten game time, and cosmetic items.

Many other additional features where detailed. There will be a fishing minigame. A camping feature will allow the player to recover HP and socialize in between exploring and fighting. A wandering gourmand will roam the field, giving buffs depending on the color of a player’s clothing. Happy Nappos, rabbit-like creatures hidden in each zone, will offer achievements and other rewards as the player discovers them.

Beauty salons and dye shops allow the player to customize their character further. The player will be able to pet some of the animals in the game. A detailed photo mode has been included. A theater mode allows the player to watch previous cutscenes. The developers reworked a weapon enhancement system called the “Plug Installation”, and added a guild-like feature called “Teams”.

Blue Protocol is being developed by Bandai Namco, and will release in Japan for PC on Spring 2023. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions will come at a later date. The worldwide release will come in 2023 for all three platforms. There are post-release expansion plans as well.

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