Blue Protocol Update to Appear Soon

Blue Protocol New Update

Bandai Namco will release new information about Blue Protocol very soon. The official Japanese Twitter account shared details as to when updates concerning the development of the game will arrive. That will be sometime during the following week. (Which would be between November 6-12, 2022.) The tweet revealed that the developers are still working hard on the MMORPG, and that a new update on the status of the game will appear soon.

You can read a translation of the tweet below:

Regarding updates concerning Blue Protocol, we are still working on development towards the eventual release of the game. We are extremely sorry to keep you waiting, but we are planning to release new information about the development in the following week. Please look forward to the follow-up report.

The last significant update about Blue Protocol appeared in May 2021, with Bandai Namco releasing a short teaser video for the opening of Blue Protocol. In November 2020, Bandai Namco held a stress test. The purpose of the test was to test the matchmaking function in the game, and to review other general functions in the MMORPG. However, information about its development has been fairly scarce until now.

Blue Protocol is currently in development for PCs in Japan. There is currently no window of release for the MMORPG.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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