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Blue Reflection Character Designer Mel Kishida Hints Something Is in the Works

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Earlier today, artist Mel Kishida may have hinted at some sort of development regarding Blue Reflection on Twitter. Today marks the third anniversary of the game since the its debut in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2017. The game released overseas several months after in September 2017.

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Kishida tweeted out today a commemoration message on Twitter, saying that it’s the game that holds a lot of sentiment for him—-the most out of the games he’s worked on. This isn’t surprising, as Kishida was not only involved with character designs, but also supervised the project. He then followed up with a mysterious tweet that said, “Please look forward to it!”, leading fans to wonder if something regarding the game is in the works.

While the meaning of the tweet is unclear on its own, in February 2020, in an interview Gust brand manager Junzo Hosoi (producer of Blue Reflection) mentioned that he was “…Still working together with Kishida-san even now and utilizing the know-how cultivated from the development of Blue Reflection in a practical manner.” He also mentioned that he hopes fans can look forward to this as well. He also mentioned that Gust has several unannounced titles in the works. As such, we can probably look forward to more news on the game in the near future.

Blue Reflection is available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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