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Blue Reflection Gets Screenshots For Atelier Rorona Costumes And Sailor Swimsuits



Gust released their first wave of DLC costumes for Blue Reflection in Japan, adn the company shared a batch of screenshots for the Atelier Rorona-themed costumes as well as the Sailor Swimsuits.


020 021

018 019

First, here’s a look at the Hom (male and female) costumes for Yuzuki and Raimu Shiou, which you can get for 648 yen for the set of two costumes.



 032 030 026

Following, we have a bunch of Sailor Swimsuit outfits, which you can get for 2,700 yen for the entire pack of 15 or as part of individual sets for three characters for 648 yen.


Set A: Hinako Shirai, Sarasa Morikawa, Mao Ninagawa

003 004 005



Set B: Yuzuki Shijou, Shihori Sugamoto, and Kei Narimiya

006007 008



Set C: Raimu Shijou, Fumio Taya, and Chihiro Inoue

009 010 011

Set D: Sanae Nishida, Ako Ichinose, and Yuri Saiki

012 013 014



Set E: Rin Sanada, Kaori Mitsui, and Rika Yoshimura

015 016 017


So if only three of the above fifteen are playable, you might be wondering what’s the point of having costumes for non-party characters. Well, it’s to add a bit of spice or fun to the everyday school parts as shown in the screenshots below:


027 028




023 024


Blue Reflection is available in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. You can read more about Blue Reflection’s DLC schedule and the rather pricey 9,180 Season Pass in our previous report.

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