Blue Reflection Sun Trailer Teases a Male Protagonist

Blue Reflection Sun Trailer

DMM Games released a new trailer for Blue Reflection Sun, a new entry in the Blue Reflection franchise. The new trailer teases the premise of the game, which may spin off in some ways from the first title. New material from the trailer and the official accounts also confirm that the game’s player-controlled protagonist is male, a first for the series.

Check out the trailer below.

The first trailer for Blue Reflection Sun set up the game’s world. Though a seemingly idyllic modern Japanese setting, a mysterious phenomenon caused ash to fall from the sky. That ash was toxic, invading the bodies of those it touched.

The new trailer alludes directly to the ending of 2017’s Blue Reflection, even showing scenes from the final boss fight. The first game’s protagonist, Hinako Shirai, appears alongside text implying that she failed in her mission. It also what seems to be the player character, an unnamed male student.

The test in the Blue Reflection Sun trailer says “I protected the world…or so I thought. Since that day, the world was changed forever. This broken world counts down to ‘the end’ on its fingers. Please, lend us your power. If you can, we’ll make it. This is the story of when lives sparkled, both ours and yours.”

The official Blue Reflection Sun Twitter account also uploaded some character images from character designer Mel Kishida.

Blue Reflection Sun is targeted for release on Android, iOS, and PC in the Winter of 2022 (and early 2023) in Japan. A closed beta test will be held on mobile devices in early December.

Josh Tolentino
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