Blue Revolver Is A Love Letter To Cave And Raizing’s Shmups



The small team creating Blue Revolver say that it’s a love letter to the manic shooters that Cave and Raizing used to put out during the genre’s golden age.


It has you playing as Mae, who is a “bunny-eared technical genius,” as she heads out in her ship to take down the numerous forces fighting under the Blue Revolver.


If you fancy giving Blue Revolver a go, then you can, as an alpha demo was recently released for free. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


You’ll be flying and shooting your machine guns, lasers, and smart bombs through space and industrialized planets at your various foe. If you build up an 8-chain then you’re able to also unleash your special weapon for big damage and scores.


Also worth noting is that the alpha demo does support controllers but it’s “experimental.” If your controller doesn’t work you may have to use Joy2Key.

Chris Priestman