Bombergirl is Headed to PC as a Pay-Per-Play Title

Bombergirl PC

The Bomberman series’ arcade spinoff game Bombergirl is headed to PC, Konami announced. The game will be available as a pay-per-play title on Konami Amusement Game Station. An open beta test launched for the game today and will be available until 5:00am (JST) on January 12, 2021.

Players will need a Konami ID to participate in the open beta test. It will also cost money to play in the open beta. Bombergirl will cost five tickets to play, and tickets will go for 110 yen for a set of five. Those who participate in the open beta test on the Konami Amusement Game Station will receive ten free play tickets for a total of two plays as a starting bonus.

The Konami Amusement Game Station version of Bombergirl has mostly the same in-game content as the arcade version. However, there are a few differences, such as the play tickets. It will also share some parts of the player data from the arcade version. As for online matching, the Konami Amusement Game Station version of Bombergirl can only match with other players from the same platform on PC, so it will not have cross-play support.

The events, gacha, and online battle maps will be different from the game’s arcade version. Content such as new characters, items, and maps will also come later to the PC version of Bombergirl.

Bombergirl is immediately available for arcades and is currently in development for PC in Japan. You can check out more about the game here.

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