Bomberman Blast in brief


Bomberman Blast takes advantage of the Wiimote controls by adding a couple new items.


The rocket item allows players to shake the Wiimote when they’re in a tight spot to blast off the screen for a few seconds. Those precious few seconds can save the player’s life by letting him escape the blast of a bomb.


There is also another item that requires Wiimote shaking: the bad bomb. It transforms the player into a walking bomb so that they can walk right up to an opponent and blow them up.


For someone who dies as much as me in this game, I’m glad that there’s a Revenge Mode. Players who are out can circle the playing field and launch bombs onto it to take other players out. If they succeed, they get to rejoin the game.


During my brief playtime with the game, I found that it was as hectic as ever. With the option to have 4 players on a console (up to 8 in online mode) I can see a lot of confusion happening on the screen-but that’s the appeal of Bomberman games.


Images courtesy of Hudson.

Louise Yang