Bomberman Makes A Return, As A Multiplayer Title For Smartphone



With the Bomberman 3DS game cancelled a while back, we haven’t seen a proper game from the series in a while, but fans of the series will have a little something to look forward to for the time being, as an official Bomberman game released for smartphone.


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Bomberman doesn’t have a story mode, but it goes back to its classic roots with its competitive versus modes. The Single Battle mode lets you go against CPUs with adjustable difficulties and various stages.


Battle with Everyone is a competitive multiplayer mode, that lets you play with up to four players via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.



Finally, the Bomber Coliseum mode is basically a time attack mode, where you take on various CPUs. You can also unlock boss characters by defeating them in the Bomber Coliseum.


Bomberman is currently available in Japan for Android and iOS devices.

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