Bomberman Wars’ Fan Translation Has Been Released


2561titlescreen Most Bomberman games involve a board with up to four bombers in play, attempting to clear blocks, grab power ups, blow up opponents, and stay alive. There are a few exceptions to this formula, with the PlayStation and Sega Saturn’s Bomberman Wars as one of the exceptions. It was never released outside of Japan, but a fan translation by denim and Plasma Captain has resulted in an English patch for the PlayStation release.


Bomberman Wars is a turn-based, strategic RPG. In the story mode, players help a King Bomber, known for saving villages of Bombermen from enemies in his youth, guide his army as they fight against Dark Bomber. The King Bomber and four other bombers from different classes all appear on the field and have different bombs and abilities. Bombs on the field explode after five turns, causing damage. In addition, there are power ups on the field, similar to ones found in the original Bomberman games.


In addition to the story mode, there is also a multiplayer mode. People can compete against the computer or another player, using customizable parties and facing off in eight different areas. In this mode, people participate in one off or best of 2/3/4/5 rounds to determine a winner.


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The Bomberman Wars fan translation patch makes the game fully playable.  People can use the Paradox PPF patcher to apply it to a copy of the PlayStation game.

Jenni Lada
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