Bonbon Aims To Recreate Childhood Fear And Helplessness

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Bonbon aims to bring players back to that gnawing sense of childhood fear – the feeling that things carry a far more sinister meaning, and that the protagonist is too small and helpless to do anything to stop it.


Bonbon puts players in various situations around an older home filled with retro toys, electronics, and furniture, aiming to take players back to a long-past era. Players are able to interact with the items around them, or explore to some extent, in each scene, listening to the sounds of the house as they play with their toys. With each progressive scene, though, things start to seem more and more off, with sounds distorting, visuals shifting, and an unsettling presence making itself known.


Bonbon is a short horror game, aiming to dial up fear in the player for a half hour or so. It is available now on and Steam.

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