Bond With An Ougon no Kizuna Trailer



Good to see proof Ougon no Kizuna development is still going A-OK. While this new trailer doesn’t tell us anything new, it’s good to finally see some ingame footage.


The development blog has also been updated with a tiny bit of information on the game. Apparently, the game “focuses on the bond between people” and to progress within the game, you help people out and overcome hardships together. 


The main character is a lone wolf. Ougon no Kizuna isn’t a game where you simply fight enemies to grow stronger; rather, the character you play as grows mentally and spiritually; so, by the end of the game, you are “reminded what is important to a person.”


OK, now I’m very curious about how the game will turn out. Ougon no Kizuna is scheduled for a May 28th release in Japan for 7,140 yen. Make sure you check out the game’s site (linked to above). There’s some great music on there.


Many thanks to Laura Hou for the blog translation.


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