Angel Beats! 1st Beat Will Contain Extra Scenes That Weren’t In The Anime

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For those lamenting the only-13-episode anime series for Angel Beats!, take heart. The upcoming PC visual novel Angel Beats! 1st Beat will feature additional scenes not seen in the series before. The latest drip of CG pieces showcases a meeting between main character Yuzuru Otonashi and Girls Dead Monster player Yui.



It happens that Otonashi will stumble across some of Yui’s special, intensive trainings  (though why she’s doing so is “a secret”). Exhausted after it, she lets Otonashi carry her back to the dormitory, improving their trust towards each other.


You’ll also be come across Masami Iwasawa as she chases butterflies in a field, something you’d almost never see from the usually quiet lady. Below, you can also see a shot of Yuri Nakamura as she ponders how she’s led everyone so far. The scene comes just before they have to climb out of the pit they’ve fallen into, apparently.


Finally, we’ve also got a couple of creepy shots below of Ayato Naoi, cradling Yuri and whispering to her: “I’ll show you a good dream that will release you of your regrets from life…”



Angel Beats! 1st Beat will have multiple endings and there are six “beats” planned for the series. Angel Beats! 1st Beat is planned for a 2014 release on PC.

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