Boogiepop, Holo, And Maou Sadao Join Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax



Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax already features iconic characters from different light novel series, such as Sword Art Online and Durarara!!, but fans of other titles such as Spice and Wolf, Boogie Phantom, and Hataraku Maou-sama! will also have something to look forward to, in the recently revealed support characters.


Maou Sadao from Hataraku Maou-sama!


After being defeated by the hero, Maou visits Tokyo, Japan. He plans to conquer Japan, but first he must work his part-time job at the local “Magronald’s” joint at the Hatagaya station square.



Maou’s attacks consist of him running up to his target and pulling off speedy attacks. While they tend to have low damage output, if you meet certain conditions, you could unleash his demon lord powers.


Boogiepop from Boogiepop Phantom


When enemies of the world appear, Boogiepop appears as her alter-ego, a high school girl by the name of Touka Miyashita. According to an urban legend said among the girls, Boogiepop is reputed to be an angel of death, who appears to take the life of beautiful girls before they turn ugly.



Boogiepop’s attack has quite the range, which is also hard to evade; however, there seems to be some sort of catch that can make it a little tricky to use from the start to end of it.


Holo from Spice and Wolf


Holo is a wheat-harvesting wolf deity, who has the appearance of a young girl, but she’s actually a giant several hundred-years-old wolf. She has a huge appetite and can also just about out-drink anyone. She wishes to return to her hometown in the north known as Yoitsu. Holo travels with her partner Kraft Lawrence.



Holo’s supportive skill involves her use of an area-of-effect healing ability, which is put into effect once you approach her healing zone.


Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax will launch in spring 2014 in Japanese arcades and its next location test taking place from December 20 to 22.

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