A Bookworm Wizard Can Learn Neat Abilities From His Reading In RPG Unlucky Mage


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A strange series of events will lead Jasper, a mage who has been living a hermit’s lifestyle, into a fray between nations and evil forces in 3DS turn-based RPG Unlucky Mage.




Unlucky Mage puts a focus on collecting skill books. Each of these items, hidden throughout the world, will offer unique abilities to the party member who uses them, granting them double attacks, half MP consumption, and other extremely useful powers.


Players will also be in charge of their battle formation, which will let them arrange their four party members in different ways to increase defenses, create new attacks, or even gain resistance to certain status ailments.




Players who wish to join the mage on his journey can get Unlucky Mage for the 3DS through the eShop.

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