Border Remembrance Is A Hack-And-Slack Game That Costs Just £5



Border: Remembrance is a top-down hack ‘n’ slash action game with a high difficulty and a world that is probably beyond saving, but you’re going to try anyway. At the very least you’ll look good fighting for it.


There are three main characters with their own preferred fighting styles that you can choose between at the start of the game, each of which have their own unique areas in the game, and each reveal different parts of the story—namely, why the world is doomed.


Each of them fight across the world’s varied environments, passing through sprawling city nations, abandoned temples, and lands crawling with robots. The only bit that will be same for each character is the boss at the end of each zone.


There are also many different weapons and spells to pick up and learn as you progress, some of which grant you access to blocked off areas and secrets. These include gatling guns, laser spells, frost quakes, and “Shifting” which is a high-speed dash for evasion. The use of all of these weapons is dictated by a stamina system.


Depending on how you play, what areas you visit, and who you meet, different parts of the story of Border: Remembrance will be revealed to you. You’ll hopefully be able to piece it together over many playthroughs.


Border: Remembrance is currently on Kickstarter where you can get yourself a PC copy for £5. You can also vote for it to come to Steam through Greenlight.

Chris Priestman