Borderlands 3 Introduces Moze And Her Giant Iron Bear Mech

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Unfortunately for fans of Gaige in Borderlands 2, she won’t be in Borderlands 3, but if you’re looking for a new mecha-based character then Moze and her giant iron Bear Mech might be right up your alley.


Here’s a new trailer to introduce Moze:

Moze the Gunner always has backup in Borderlands 3 thanks to Iron Bear, her 15-ton bipedal mech that packs some heavy-duty firepower. This former Vladof soldier turned Vault Hunter offers a unique take on character builds: the multiple Action Skills that are part of Moze’s Shield of Retribution, Demolition Woman, and Bottomless Mags skill trees are actually weapons mounted onto each of Iron Bear’s arms, so you can mix and match Iron Bear’s loadout across multiple skill trees or even equip two of the same weapon if you’re all about symmetry. Here’s a breakdown of what Moze and Iron Bear are capable of when these inseparable BFFs spend their precious skill points.


Moze fights alongside the Iron Bear, and with the Shield of Retribution skill tree it becomes an unbreakable force. They’re also to use the Railgun Action Skill for a shartpshooting option where the Iron Brea shoots electrified, high-velocity projectiles that can vaporize enemies. Read more about Moze and her abilities over at the game’s official website.


Borderlands 3 releases on September 13, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check our previous report for an introduction trailer for Zane the semi-retired corporate hitman and tech expert.

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