kdsminigame.jpgBesides a Wii remote slashing quest, Dragon Quest Swords has mini games. Time Attack Slime 100 was originally found in Kenshin Dragon Quest, a standalone TV game, where slimes bounce on the screen and you have to hit 100 of them as fast as possible. Blue slimes are worth 1 point in Kenshin Dragon Quest and if you can swiftly hit a King Slime you earn extra points. It’s simplistic, but surprisingly addictive when people are taking turns playing it. Even though it's been done before I'm glad Square-Enix has it in the Wii game.


A new addition in Dragon Quest Swords is cooperative attacks. Famitsu reveals two of them, the Pink Typhoon with Setia and Medoroa with Dean. Click on over there to see a few screenshots of the new techniques.

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