Both Pokémon And Warlords Can Evolve In Pokémon Conquest

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If you’ve been keeping an eye on Pokémon Conquest, you probably know that one of the features in the game is the ability to “link” with Pokémon. Warriors in the game each have their own special abilities and Pokémon types that they can link with. Links can be of three grades: Bronze, Silver and Gold.


A medal over a particular Pokémon indicates which link level can be achieved. For example, performing a Gold medal link could potentially result in the formation of a perfect 100% link. The higher a link percentage, the more powerful the Pokémon becomes as a result of the link.


Linking is also tied to Pokémon evolutions. In order to evolve your Pokémon, you need to increase their link percentage with the warriors they’re linked to by using them in battle. As they links grow stronger, the Pokémon evolve into more powerful forms. In the case of certain Pokémon, however, you’ll require stones to evolve them, just like in the Pokémon RPGs. Eevee’s evolution into Jolteon, for instance, can only be achieved with the use of a Thunder Stone.


Warlords can “evolve,” too. Note that there’s a distinction between warlords and warriors here—only warlords can transition into more powerful forms. Like Pokémon, warlords are able to achieve this by battling. Once a warlord has made the transition to a more powerful form, his stats and skills become more powerful and he takes on a new appearance as well (see above image).


Pokémon Conquest uses a password system, too. You can enter passwords that create an outbreak for specific Pokémon for one game turn in a training ground somewhere in your kingdom. This makes certain Pokémon easier to find. Nintendo say to be on the lookout for passwords once the game is released. They also add that they will distribute additional episodes for Pokémon Conquest via Wi-Fi.


Pokémon Conquest is slated for release on June 18th in North America for the Nintendo DS.

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